Scholoarships available through the Florida Kiwanis Foundation

  J. Walker Field Scholarship  
This is a one time $1000 scholarship given to selected graduating key Club members who exemplify the spirit of Kiwanis through service.

History: In 2012 the Board of Trustees created the J. Walker Field Scholarship in honor of the man that was accredited with the formation of the Florida Kiwanis Foundation. The Foundation began in 1971 when, then Florida District Governor, J. Walker Field suggested this was a necessary thing to provide backing for his beloved Key Clubs. He insisted that Ralph Davis be the driving force behind the formation and appointed him president until the foundation was approved by Kiwanis International, incorporated, and bylaws established that would provide for elected officers. Since few people knew of the existence of the Foundation, J. Walker Field let it be known that he wanted to serve as president once his year as governor was over. His wish was granted and he became the first elected president of the Foundation in September 1972.  

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George & Ann Langguth Scholarship 

George Langguth joined Kiwanis in 1967.  He served as Distinguished President in 3 clubs and as Distinguished Lt. Governor in 1973-74.  He served as Key Club District Administrator of the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan District from 1974-1981.  He was a member of Kiwanis Internationalís professional staff, serving as Director of Key Club International programs from 1981-1988 in Chicago, Illinois and Indianapolis, Indiana. He has received the highest honor Key Club can bestow on an individual in 8 Districts in North America. 

On February 1, 1988, he became Florida District Secretary and has held the position of District Secretary and Executive Director for 24 years, longer than anyone in Florida District history.  During his tenure, George coordinated all Florida District Conferences and Conventions and provided guidance and support to the Districtís 300+ clubs. He is widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable authorities on Kiwanis history and administration. 

Langguth has been Distinguished District Secretary numerous times.  He holds life membership in Kiwanis International and the Florida District of Kiwanis.  He is a Ralph Davis Fellow of the Florida Kiwanis Foundation.  He holds a Tablet of Honor, a Diamond Level 15 George F. Hixson medal, and he is also a member of the Kiwanis International Legacy Society.  In his 46 years of Kiwanis membership, he has personally sponsored over 300 men and women into Kiwanis clubs to which he has belonged.  

He married his wife, Ann, in 1971.  He and Ann have a son, Michael, and a daughter, Kathryn. Ann served as the Florida Kiwanis Administrative Secretary alongside George for 20 years.  She holds numerous Kiwanis and Kiwanis Foundation honors.


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Charles & Emilia  Gugliuzza CKI Scholarship 
Through the generosity of 2014-15 Kiwanis District Governor Charles Gugliuzza, the Florida Kiwanis Foundation is offering a $500 scholarship to an exceptional CKI Student Member. This scholarship is dedicated to his wife, Emilia Gugliuzza for her tireless efforts in helping to Eliminate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus and her support of family, friends, and Kiwanis.

Eligibility: Applicants failing to meet these requirements will not be considered for this scholarship. In the event no one meets these standards, this scholarship will not be awarded.

1. The applicant must be a dues paid member of both Circle K International and the Florida District of Circle K for a minimum of 1 school year, and currently enrolled in an accredited College or University within the Florida District.

2. The applicant must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

3. The applicant must have performed at least 100 hours of service in the past CKI / School year.

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Mychaniuk Scholarship (Designated only for students of Flagler County, Florida)
TThe Maria Mychaniuk Scholarship is dedicated in memory of a quiet, dignified member of the Flagler County community. Miss Mychaniuk believed that students who have a sincere desire to succeed by furthering their education needed to be assisted in doing so and requested that the focus of this scholarship would be to provide an opportunity to those students that may have difficulty qualifying for other awards. She was a firm believer in community service and in such, asked the Kiwanis Club of Flagler County, through the Florida Kiwanis Foundation, to select a worthy student whose principles of community awareness, service, and commitment to making the area a better place to live would benefit by her generosity. On behalf of Maria Mychaniuk, the Kiwanis Club of Flagler County and The Florida Kiwanis Foundation are pleased to offer this scholarship.s.

Eligibility: Applicants failing to meet these requirements will not be considered for this scholarship. In the event no one meets these standards, this scholarship will not be awarded.

    Application and Guidelines


It takes $20,000 to permanently endow a $1000 scholarship in the name of an individual, group, company, or foundation. It takes $42,000 to permanently endow a $1000, renewable for 4 years, scholarship.

It is the desire of the Foundation to substantially increase the amount of scholarships offered, however this is one of endowment need. Without the endowment, needs go unfulfilled.   Pleased consider addressing this need in your estate planning. An officer or trustee is willing to discuss details with you.

Many combinations are possible and the major contributor can dictate the scholarship restrictions and requirements. For example, the J Walker Field scholarship is for graduating High School Seniors who have been in Key Club and have contributed a minimum number of service hours to the betterment of their schools and/or community. Your scholarship can be designed to match your dreams.